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Beyond doubt, jewelry is Ray Griffiths’ love language. He showers people with love when he bestows a piece of his jewelry, and offers people a means to express love when he creates it. Each Ray zGriffiths piece speaks of his life’s adventures and the passion that fuels his story. Inspirations from the past include the Edwardian and Regency eras, Spanish Moors, and Roman Greco. These coupled with a love for mid century architecture drive the designs in his collection. Jewelry loves and collectors appreciate the special pieces Griffiths creates, but ultimately its his enduring love for the craft of making fabulous jewelry that keeps his fans coming back for more. All of Griffiths pieces feature a Crownwork grid like pattern that originate from his original design roots of restoring Vintage European Suites of Jewelry. Aside from the distinctive design element and being the signature of Ray’s work, Crownwork take’s much of the weight from the jewelry allowing Ray’s designs to retain visual heft, yet remain light and easy to wear.


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