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Victor Velyan began his journey in the jewelry industry in 1984 as a diamond setter and two years later became a jeweler’s apprentice. As his knowledge of the industry grew he decided to open his own manufacturing shop in 1995. After winning over 27 awards under other designers names, Victor decided it was time to create his own collection, a true expression of himself. Thus, his collection was born reflecting styles from the old Aragon world, as well as architecture, music, nature, travel, unique cultures, history and fine art. His combinations of metals and conglomerations of various rare gemstones create a bold and vivacious statement. Victor Velyan’s talent and vision, combined with his well-rounded knowledge of the jewelry industry, have placed him as a true innovator in today’s fashion-inspired jewelry world. His work boasts careful attention to detail and makes for elegant, timeless pieces with an edgy twist.


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