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Jewelry has the power to evoke memories, to capture moments in time, to tell stories. Stories of love, stories of hope, stories of family.  Each piece of jewelry worn, given or received tells a unique story.

Camelia Chiriac, Emily Cohen and Barbara Laird have over 50 years of collective experience in the jewelry industry.  Working together for over a decade, their friendship and shared experiences created a special bond between these three women.  This bond became the foundation for Three Stories Jewelry.

The cornerstone of Three Stories Jewelry is the Stories of Love Collection, which speaks about unity, hope and faith in the future. Central to the collection is the Love Explosion motif, a diamond starburst exploding with love.  The Love Explosion represents the founders’ individual and collective love for friends and family, as well as a love of humanity and the world in which they live.

Jewelry has always had significance in the lives of the Three Stories founders.  A ring for Barbara’s 16th birthday given to her by her mother; a strand of pearls passed down from Emily’s grandmother and then worn at her wedding; a necklace Camelia’s mother wore as an opera singer and then passed to Camelia for her first performance as a flautist.  The founders believe that each piece of jewelry becomes an heirloom – it imparts love and tells a story.

We all have a story; how will you tell yours?

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