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Our team puts customer relationships first. That means ethics and honesty over price tags and sales pitches. Our commitment to delivering caring service is rooted in our founder’s family values and a rich tradition of East Tennessee hospitality. As a charter member of The American Gem Society and long-time advocate of the Gemological Institute of America, Kimball’s represents quality brands and provides exceptional service to all customers. We operate by the fair and ethical practices set up by the AGS, which means you can expect accuracy with every sale. Additionally, Kimball’s has been a part of the Kimberley Process since its creation, helping to ensure our customers receive genuine, conflict-free diamonds. We provide value-added services to make sure you walk away with the best experience possible. Come say hello, and we’ll show you what we’re all about.

Sales Professionals

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Danny is a second-generation jeweler and learned the business from his father, Jim.  He has more than 40 years of business experience inside and outside the jewelry industry, 29 of those with Kimball’s Jewelers. Danny is responsible for the store’s financial management, vendor relations, operations, purchasing, client sales and services, and property management. “I feel blessed to serve the Knoxville community and additional clients across the country on behalf of Kimball’s,” he says.

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Jordan was born and raised in Knoxville, where he graduated from the Webb School of Knoxville in 2011. Following high school, Jordan enrolled at the University of Alabama. He graduated in August, 2015 and joined the Kimball’s team shortly thereafter. Jordan has completed certified Rolex training, earned his Applied Jewelry Professional degree through the Gemological Institute of America, and is also a Graduate Gemologist. Jordan says his favorite Kimball’s moment was helping a college buddy pick out his custom engagement ring!

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Miohn has been with Kimball’s Jewelers since late Fall of 2021.  This is his first job in the jewelry industry but his sales experience goes back for years.  Miohn moved from North Dakota to become a part of the Kimball’s Team and we are so glad he decided to join us! He and his finance are planning an October 2024 wedding after becoming engaged in January 2023 with a ring Miohn designed himself!

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Hailie has been with Kimball’s since November 2022.  Before joining us as a full time Sales Team member, she worked for us as a seasonal gift wrapper while in college.  After graduating, she decided to start her career at Kimball’s and we are so glad to have her on our team!

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Mya Bateman joined the Kimball's Jewelers team in the fall of 2023.  Since then, she has become a wonderful sales professional whose clients have amazing things to say about her! Mya enjoys hiking and being outdoors when not working.

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Lacey joined Kimball's in the fall of 2023 after a career in photography.  She enjoys working with clients to make sure they find the perfect piece of jewelry no matter the occasion.  When not working, Lacey enjoys spending time with her two pups on hikes.

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Chad is our Sales Manager and joined our team in the fall of 2023.  He has years of jewelry experience and is an amazing asset to our team! When not working at Kimball's, Chad and his family do missionary work in Africa where they lived for several years.

Service Professionals

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Beth joined the Kimball’s team in the Spring of 2019 as the Marketing Director.  Born and raised in East Tennessee, she is a graduate of the University of Tennessee and has almost 30 years of marketing experience.  She embraced the jewelry industry and earned her Applied Jewelry Professional degree from the Gemological Institute of America.  Beth says her favorite part of working at Kimball’s is seeing the joy on a customer’s face when they find the perfect piece of jewelry!

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Jana spent much of her adult life working at a local college as an athletic trainer. In 2020, she decided to change career paths and go to Jeweler’s School! Her father had been a jeweler and she had always felt a pull toward the industry and finally made the leap. She officially joined the Kimball’s Team in August, then attended jeweler’s school, and transitioned to our shop in November 2020. Since arriving, Jana has expanded her education by also becoming certified to do 3D Cad designs for custom jewelry! Jana is now our Shop Manager overseeing all the jewelers and making sure that all repairs and custom designs are Kimball's quality!

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Melissa is Kimball's staff accountant.  She says that accounting chose her early in her career and she has never looked back! When not crunching numbers at work, Melissa enjoys spending time with her three children as they take part in baseball and dancing!

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